Downtown Revitalization - 200 Block “Laneway”

Welcome to the Utility replacement project for 200 Block Main St. “Laneway” information page. Visit this page often for updates and timeline information about the project.


Utility replacement project for 200 Block Main St. “Laneway”

Starting the week of September 10, 2018, work is scheduled to begin along the laneway running on the east side of Main St. in the 200 Block, from Backstreet Blvd to Nanaimo Ave E.  The work being undertaken involves relocating overhead utilities underground and, to make space, repositioning existing water, sanitary and storm sewers.  Once placed underground, the electrical system in that area will see benefits in the form of improved safety and reliability.  For more information about this project, please refer to the “Project Updates” section below and/or review the supplied frequently asked questions.

Project Updates:

Work continues on the 200 Block Laneway, taking place between the hours of 7:00am - 7:00pm. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should consider alternative access to properties located along the lane. The public is reminded to please obey the construction signs to ensure your personal safety.


Frequently asked questions:

What is happening?

The City of Penticton is removing all overhead utilities along the 200 Block Main Street Lane, and locating them underground. In addition to the overhead utilities, to facilitate relocation of these, the current underground utilities such as water pipe and sewers shall be relocated within the lane. This inevitably will mean that the lane will be excavated to allow the relocation of these utilities, and this will result in a level of disruption to adjacent properties.

When is the project scheduled to start and finish?

Work was scheduled to avoid the summer tourist season in July and August, with a commencement in Early September, and a completion of the majority of the project by the end of November, to avoid the Christmas shopping period. The individual utilities will be on site in early 2019 to relocate their facilities, and after the poles have been removed and electrical and communication services converted, the Contractor shall return to site to pave the lane. The project will be fully completed before the summer months of 2019.

What are the working hours?

The contractor is expected to start work at 7 a.m. and finish by 7 p.m. each day, Monday to Friday. However, there is a lot of work to be completed in a tight schedule and work might extend later into the evening and/or on weekends. Regardless, they must adhere to the City’s Good Neighbour Bylaw around noise restrictions no matter what day they work.

Why is the City doing the work?

The existing utilities are reaching life expectancy and are due for replacement. It is generally appreciated that underground utilities are a significant improvement in terms of the safety, reliability, and aesthetics of streetscapes and allow for simpler maintenance. It will improve safety by removing the hazard created by having live exposed overhead high-voltage conductors too close to the adjacent buildings along the alley. The City and the other utilities do their best to replace infrastructure proactively to avoid significant failures that could impact the area.

Will I be able to get to and from my property during the work in the lane?

Yes –There will be no effect caused by project work on Main Street and access to your business or property will be available at all times. It is appreciated that deliveries are typically made via the lane, and arrangements should be made to deliver via Main Street during construction, unless the contractor can advise that access is possible. The City will be assisting with a relaxation of their bylaw to permit this.

It is also noted that garbage collection shall be impacted as this is typically from the rear lane. The Contractor will liaise with affected occupiers to set up a centralised system for garbage disposal.

A pedestrian sidewalk will always be maintained on one side at all times where the work encroaches on the roadway locations.

What about parking?

The City proposed to maintain some access to the existing car parking to the rear of Main Street, however this will inevitably be impacted and reduced throughout the construction period. Access from the car parking via the access way from the lane to Main Street shall be maintained at all times by the contractor (other than the short period they need to pass this location.) It is noted that the market will also be affected by the project construction, however it will continue throughout September and October. The main effect on the Open Air market will be related to parking, however this will be maintained as much as possible.

When will the lane be paved?

The lane will be finished with a temporary gravel surface at the end of each day, however will be fenced off from traffic to prevent traffic reversing onto main streets if they access the lane. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the project later in the year it is likely that paving will not be possible until spring 2019, when asphalt plants re open after winter. There will be a period of time between the utilities replacement project and asphalt installation, and drivers will have to traverse the gravel surface for a time. The Contractor shall be monitoring the condition of the gravel surface and will undertake ongoing maintenance as necessary. Once asphalt can be permanently installed, we will provide you with a schedule to confirm when the work will be done.

Will you cut off my power/water/sewer systems?

ALL the relevant utilities pass through this lane and to some extent through the project timescale there will be disruption. This includes Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas, Electric, Shaw and Telus. The City and the Contractor will work diligently to minimize the impacts of these disruptions. You will be provided 48 hours notice of any planned disruption of any services. Sanitary services will be maintained where possible by over pumping. The City is committed to providing you notice of any interruption where it can be anticipated and will provide information and updates as soon as possible in the event of an unplanned problem.

What about bus service in our area?

The City is working with BC Transit to ensure that normal bus service is maintained throughout the project. It is not envisaged there will be any disruption to bus services.

Project Meetings

The City has arranged for a weekly meeting to which the DPA has been invited, to share ongoing construction details and updated schedules. All utilities will be involved in these meetings to promote good communication between stakeholders and realise a smooth project delivery by the Contractor. In addition, the Contractors site personnel will provide ongoing informal communication to all properties throughout the project in the form of door to door visits to advise on the schedule and how they will be affected, and if necessary an occasional open house style meeting. For those who are having lighting installed to their properties the Utility will be in contact.

I have more questions. Where can I get more information?

You are welcome to contact the Electrical Utility at 250-490-2535 during normal City yards business hours from 7.30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The Contract Administrator for the project will also be able to take calls relating to this project and advise. CIMA+, Consulting Engineers of Kelowna are the Consultant on this project. Their contact is Stephen Burns P.Eng at 250 860 2257 ext 7708/778 583 3342/ CIMA+ will also have a full time representative on site to attend to any immediate matters. : Drew Crawford P.Eng. He can be contacted at 778 583 1664/ .

The Contractor for this project is H&M Excavating. Okanagan Avenue East, Penticton. They can be contacted on 250 493 4677. The Contact is Marvin Hayter. ( )

For questions relating directly to Telus, Shaw and Fortis Gas, please contact the utility directly.

The Contractor will install temporary signage providing further contact information.