Vibrant Penticton

“Vibrant Penticton” is more than just a revitalization project: it marks our community's time to shine.

Council has articulated the City's vision as: "Penticton is an innovative, adventurous waterfront City that focuses on sustainability, community and economic opportunity." Our elected members also indicated that the City of Penticton would have two strategic priorities throughout the next three years: revitalizing the Downtown and Waterfront areas.

The Downtown Revitalization Select Committee was struck with the mandate to provide recommendations to Council on improving the downtown areas.

Throughout 2012, the Downtown Revitalization Select Committee is striving to engage the public in a comprehensive visioning process involving several activities that will help develop a vision and subsequent work plan for Downtown Penticton that will guide decisions in the years to come. All residents and stakeholders are invited to learn about and take part in the process. Look for the orange Vibrant Penticton logo for activities, events and updates relating to Downtown Penticton revitalization.

The Waterfront Revitalization Select Committee has been tasked with reviewing three separate areas: West Okanagan Lake, East Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake. Revitalization plans are in various stages of progress according to the specific area, with some initial projects already included in the 2012-2016 Budget approved by Council.

There will be several public engagement opportunities for residents and stakeholders, and they are welcome to give input. Look for the blue Vibrant Penticton logo for activities, events and updates relating to Waterfront revitalization.

Penticton has a vibrant spirit at its core, and 2012 will be the year that vibrancy starts to shine through.