Erin and Jacob

Couple moved from Ontario with eyes for Penticton lifestyle

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For Erin Vanderborn, the ideal lifestyle is one filled with adventure, outdoor activity and a strong sense of community. It was during a visit to Penticton in 2020 that she and husband Jacob realized this South Okanagan city was just the right fit.

“Penticton offers a really good balance between big city amenities and small-town proximity,” says Erin. “There’s no traffic. Anything we want is within five minutes’ away and we only have one car. I bike to work every single day. It’s fantastic.”

The couple moved from Waterloo, Ont., in 2021, both finding jobs within their professions (Jacob is an optometrist and Erin is an optician).

“We found there was quite strong demand for our positions here. It’s also appealing to work somewhere where you feel you’re needed,” says Erin. “It takes a lot of people to care for a community, especially an aging community, and I love working in health care here, so anyone who’s thinking about it, I would encourage them to do that.”

Erin has joined the Penticton triathlon club and recently completed her first half IRONMAN.

“Penticton’s a really cool place to do that, and so many people here are passionate about triathlon.”
When the couple first arrived in Penticton, they rented a place, later to purchase their first house.

“It’s a been a bit of whirlwind,” Erin reflects. “We’re really outdoorsy and we like the outdoor vibe. I find that it’s a very pleasant community. People are very laidback and friendly and I just find it casual and open,” she added.

“We absolutely love it here.”


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