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Former East Vancouver dad says Penticton is a ‘playground for families’

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Goodbye East Vancouver, hello Penticton. Hello to long sunny days spent skiing, biking, hiking, climbing and playing. Hello to more time spent with family outdoors, less time driving.

For Lars Konge, wife Anna and their four kids (ages 2, 5, 9 and 13), moving to Penticton opened up a more carefree world of recreational adventures.

“Penticton is a playground for families,” says Lars. “It’s inexpensive and there are a variety of world-class activities to do with your kids within five minutes of any front door in the South Okanagan. There’s mountain biking, dirt biking, golf, paddle boarding, boating, water skiing, triathlons. I even started playing paintball.”

Back in their East Vancouver home, the family often found it a challenge to schedule in outdoor activities. Usually, it meant driving to parks or lakes, which were bustling with people and not quite the relaxing experience they had imagined.

New career opportunities

Lars used to run a construction business in Vancouver, specializing in preconstruction services. Now, he’s evolving his expertise into the world of real estate, soon to be seeking investment properties as well as helping others follow in his footsteps to seek a more idyllic lifestyle in the South Okanagan.

The Penticton lifestyle appealed to Lars, having also had a “soft spot” in his heart from playing hockey here as a child.

“I love the variety of weather, the different types of snow, the hot summer days. I like the geography. I like to do stuff every day and I like to keep my kids busy,” he says.

More affordable cost of living

Having four kids, he also finds huge cost savings with their recreational activities.

“You can drastically increase your family’s standard of living here without any extra money,” he says. “The amount we were spending at the coast on children’s activities, it’s thousands of dollars a month difference, and we get way more value here. For example, the hockey is run better, ice time is easier.”

What’s next? Lars would like to expand his hobbies and try some adventure races, and since Penticton is a hub for endurance races, he won’t have to travel far.

“I find we have way more freedom here.”

It's the Penticton Advantage

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