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Seeing kids playing on the streets drew family here from New Westminster

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Many of us have fond memories of playing on the streets as kids. Sadly, in many cities today, this is often a thing of the past. Not so in Penticton.

It was one of the attributes that attracted Michael Kaisaris and his young family to this community. While on a holiday here in summer one year, they couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between the number of children on the street in comparison to neighbourhoods throughout Metro Vancouver.

“Penticton is a phenomenal free-range place for kids. There are kids on bikes everywhere,” said Michael.

Sick of working long hours, spending too much time in the car, and too little time with his daughter, Michael knew it was time to leave New Westminster. The family sold their business and their home – and moved to Penticton.

“It was time to hit reboot,” he reflects.

The move also worked out well for his wife, Lindsay, who works as a winery consultant and runs the Okanagan Wine Club.

“And she can do this all from home,” Michael says. “There’s just so much to do here and your money goes a lot further. There hasn’t been a single day I have regretted my choice.”

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