Water Consumption

Check out the Interior Healthy drinking water advisory map to search the entire Interior Health region (including Penticton and surrounding areas) for current drinking water advisories: drinkingwaterforeveryone.ca/advisorymap.

Tips to Avoid Unnecessary ConsumptionEvery Drop Counts

1. Listen for running water - Find the main shut-off in your home and put your ear to the tap or pipe. - Do you hear a hissing sound? - If so, and all taps are off in your home, you may have a leak.

2. Use your water meter to detect leaks - Find the City water meter for your home (it may be inside by your main shut-off or in the ground, just outside your property line).

  • (a) With all taps off, watch the red triangle on top of the water meter. If the triangle moves, this may suggest a leak.
  • (b) You may wish to record the water meter numbers at the end of the day. In the morning, before any water is used again read the meter. If the reading has changed, this suggests water is being consumed or leaked somewhere.
    • If you have an inside meter, the water could be leaking through a tap or toilet in your house.
    • If the meter is outside your property line, the leak could be inside the house or underground - between the meter and your house.

3. Check water fixtures in your home.

  • Are there any taps dripping in your home?
  • Are any outside taps dripping on your house?
  • Is there a toilet continually running? - Check the toilet bowl to see if water is trickling down at the back (faulty flapper). Alternatively, insert food colouring in toilet tank. Wait 15 mins. Should the colouring appear in the bowl, repair the leak immediately. And lastly, lift the tank lid and check to see if water level is up to the top of the overflow tube and wasting water (float adjustment may be required or perhaps a new assembly).

4. Check your Pressure Regulator Valve (Cone shaped with adjustable screw). These are set at the factory at 50-55 lbs. Use a gauge on an outside house tap (hose bib). If the outside tap is tee'd off before house regulator, you will get a reading showing the street pressure. If the outside tap is tee'd off after house regulator, it will show regulated house pressure. You then put the gauge on the cold water tap of a washing machine to find what your house pressure is inside the house. If pressure is above 55 lbs., homeowner should have regulator adjusted or replaced. This can help protect household fixtures and avoid overuse of water.

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