City of Penticton marks one year countdown to 2020 Subaru Ironman Canada return


Subaru Ironman Canada is back in Penticton, with the 2020 event selling out in less than 24 hours, including 120 on-site registrations during the July 16 announcement event at Rotary Park.  August 30 marks the one year countdown for Ironman’s return and excitement continues to grow.

“The excitement around the community and for those who are set to compete is very real and very refreshing,” said Penticton Mayor, John Vassilaki.  “We all know what a great job Penticton did over several decades hosting past Ironman events, an event that brings tremendous vibrancy to our community during the final weeks of summer.  Council and I are greatly looking forward to seeing that combination of community excitement and civic pride as hosts resume in 2020 when Ironman returns to the shores and roads of Penticton.”

Turnout at the 2020 event is expected to be high, with roughly 10,000 people, including athletes from around the world, support entourages, families and spectators, arriving in the days preceding the event.  The City of Penticton and Ironman Canada have signed a five-year contract, from 2020-2024. Each year in August, all eyes will be on Penticton, creating an incredible opportunity for residents to showcase the variety of activities, retailers, food and beverage, and accommodation options the City has to offer.

“We are very excited to be coming home to Penticton with Subaru Ironman Canada 2020! Penticton is in many ways home to IRONMAN and the already sold out 2020 event will be one for the ages. We cannot wait to see everyone in August 2020,” said Regional Director for Ironman, Dave Christen.  “Thank you to the City of Penticton and Travel Penticton for rolling out the red carpet for the athletes and making these accommodation options more available to our athletes!”

Many athletes and visitors have already begun booking their accommodation. Penticton has a wide variety of accommodation options, including the following resources:

  • Travel lists an array of accommodation options, including hotels, motels and resorts, camping and RV options, and bed and breakfast locations. With all of the different styles of accommodations in Penticton, there’s a place to suit every athlete’s need.
  • Short Term Rental Properties – residents can list licensed rental properties on sites like Air BNB or VRBO. This accommodation is an attractive option that did not exist when Ironman Canada was last in Penticton, and allows residents to rent their homes throughout the year. If you are interested in licensing and listing your home as part of the short term rental program, please visit for more information.
  • Homestay - Historically, Penticton residents opened their homes to offer Ironman Canada athletes additional accommodation options. Residents who are interested in sharing or renting space to an Ironman Canada athlete can list their homes on sites such as Kijiji Penticton, indicating Ironman Canada in the subject title.  Please note: rented properties must be equipped with functioning smoke alarms, and any safety equipment such as guards and handrails should be in good working order.  It is also the owner’s responsibility to ensure that renting their property does not conflict with their insurance coverage or strata regulations.

If you plan to share your home with an Ironman athlete or spectator, please consider the following best practices to ensure the experience is safe and positive for you and your guests.

  •  Communicate expectations. Ask your guests about the purpose of their visit and if they have any specific needs. Set some house guidelines in advance, such as quiet times, pets or smoking rules, parking spaces, and respect for neighbours or other home occupants. Please follow appropriate safety procedures and insurance guidelines.
  •  Emphasize hospitality. Provide staple supplies like, sheets and towels, toothpaste and toilet paper, shampoo and soap, and cable TV and internet. Confirm all appliances are working. Ensuring that Ironman Canada athletes have secure bike storage, respected hours of rest, and a hot shower for recovery are crucial elements of their stay.
  •  Make safety and cleanliness your top priorities. These will be the first and most important impressions that your home gives to your guests. The Ironman Canada clientele are international guests who are likely used to a high standard of cleanliness, and will bring expensive equipment/gear with them. Guests will appreciate appropriate measures to assure their possessions are clean, safe and secure during their stay.
  • Set reasonable prices. Consider your guests’ overall impression of Penticton and the likelihood of their return when setting prices. The Ironman Canada event period will be a high-demand period in Penticton and you should be appropriately compensated for sharing your space; at the same time, guests should be able to enjoy the attractions of Penticton without spending their entire budget on accommodation.
  • Go Above and Beyond. Simple gestures can go a long way toward welcoming guests into your home. Provide maps, or a list of your favourite local activities or restaurants. Sharing your home is an excellent opportunity to show visitors why you love where you live, and to give the best impression of Penticton to our Ironman Canada guests.

Penticton is the birthplace and home of Ironman Canada. The community is well-known as a welcoming host City where residents embrace the athletes and support the event in various ways, including through volunteerism, sponsorship and offering accommodation. The City encourages residents to enthusiastically welcome Subaru Ironman Canada back home. Let the one-year countdown begin!




Carly Lewis
Sport and Event Project Manager
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton