Strategic Planning Workshop invites entrepreneurs and leaders to look at the world through the eyes of a film director 

“It’s March 6 2022, and you’re standing at your organization’s front door.  A film crew pulls up, eager to help you make a movie telling the story of what it is you do. It’s for the Netflix series ‘Mattering: Organizations changing the World’. You’ll be directing. But what will your camera see? What stories will you share? How will you film the systems, operations and culture that made yours an organization that matters?”

These are the words on the flyer that announces Thinking Like a Film Director, a full-day strategic planning workshop for entrepreneurs and leaders to help them turn their vision into focus and their plans into action. Organized by the City of Penticton’s Economic Development Department, the workshop was previewed at last year’s FutureBiz Penticton Economic Forum as part of a suite of tools being presented to the local business community. The upcoming workshop program was developed by local entrepreneur, restauranteur, philanthropist, and big-picture thinker, Nikos Theodosakis.

Manisha Willms, Executive Director of the OSNS Child Development Centre says of the process, “the method of visioning and planning is powerful, it coaxes people into a level of detail that demands common understanding and common definitions. The act of visioning pulls us down different paths that we hadn’t conceived of before.”

The Thinking Like A Film Director workshop invites participants to look at their organization through a different lens. It examines how scripts, storyboards, breakdowns, schedules and other film production tools ensure the film directors successful transformation of ideas from imagination to screen and demonstrates how these same tools can be transferred from the creative world of the filmmaker to the creative world of the organization leader with successful results.

“With a plan, an organization can measure progress and track successes, and Strategic Planning is one of those must-do items that so often gets put in the ‘too hard basket’,” says Economic Development Specialist, Jennifer Vincent.  “This workshop uses a really engaging approach to provide attendees with real action plans in just one day. Nikos’ approach to distilling big goals into actual steps is fun and effective. He’s used this set of tools successfully with many other organizations and individuals before and we’re excited to bring them to our business community.”

The first half of the workshop focuses on helping you define the story you wish to tell about your product, service or idea and in the process, articulate and expand a corporate vision that matters. The second half takes your vision and helps you turn it into a plan with actionable tasks and a schedule with accountable timelines.

Theodosakis explains, “I suppose one of my favourite aspects of this strategic planning workshop is that it provides an opportunity to look at what matters to the participants and to the organization, what that looks like expressed in the day to day running of the organization of the future, and then how that translates from an intangible vision into a tangible series of executable actions.  That’s what filmmakers do, they take what doesn’t yet exist and bring it to life.”

The Thinking Like A Film Director workshop will be held on March 6 at the new Tempest Theatre and Film Studio at 125 Eckhardt Avenue East. Coffee and registration is from 8-8:30 am, and the workshop runs 8:30–5pm with a break to walk down the block to Theo’s for lunch (included in the ticket price). A complimentary wine networking reception will follow after the workshop. Detailed workshop agenda here.

Tickets are available online at The first ten seats are available at a discounted price of $150, plus taxes.  The full price is $195 and there are team rates available upon inquiry.


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Jennifer Vincent
Economic Development Specialist
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton