It’s wildfire season – stay safe through preparation, planning and practice

(Penticton BC – July 17, 2018) – Penticton Fire Chief, Larry Watkinson, is reminding all residents that wildfire season is here, and with its arrival comes the need to get re acquainted with important wildfire readiness strategies that will prevent damage to your home and save the lives of your family.

 “Once started, wildfires become unpredictable and can spread quickly.  The key to ensuring the safety of your property and family starts with the three ‘Ps’ of Preparing, Planning and Practicing”, said Penticton Fire Chief, Larry Watkinson.  Understanding, implementing and recalling the each of the three Ps serves as an excellent protection measure when guarding against the real threat of wildfire”

To protect against wildfire, Penticton residents are strongly encouraged to:


  • Prepare and maintain a FIRESMART home
  • Prepare and evacuation route
  • Prepare a family communications plan
  • Prepare a 72hr emergency supply kit


  • Plan for your families (pets included) evacuation in the event of wildfire. 
  • Pan to monitor social media @cityofpenticton & @pentictonfire &
  • Plan for armouring your home.
  • Plan for three days of self-reliance.
  • Plan an exit strategy from your home and community


  • Practice when to leave, leave as soon as evacuation is recommended by fire officials.
  • Practice keeping your emergency supply kit fresh with batteries, food, Medications etc.
  • Practice your escape routs and what to do if you get trapped.
  • Practice your evacuation preparation steps.
  • Practice social media for current information.

For additional information on the three “Ps” to wildfire readiness, watch the information video at




Larry Watkinson

Fire Chief

City of Penticton