City Partners With Apartment Building To Improve Recycling Program

News Release

A local multifamily building and the City are taking steps together to reduce common contaminants from entering the recycling stream through the installation of educational signage. 

The new signage features easy to distinguish images of common materials acceptable for recycling in the residential program, alongside tips on how to prepare the packaging before placing it in the bin.   Also shown are common materials that are prohibited in the residential stream, such as electronics, furniture, black garbage bags and clothing.

“Partnerships between the City and multifamily buildings are effective in lowering the contamination rate of recyclable materials,” said Community Sustainability Coordinator, David Kassian. “Working together to develop educational signage and tools will help residents to better understand what is, and what is not, recyclable from their home.”

“In 2018, the City of Penticton helped us extensively with our recycling program by providing educational material which we distributed to each suite, conducting audits of the contents of our bin by students during the summer, the results of which we shared with our residents to highlight the problems we were having, and provided the design for the recycling bin sign we had made locally for a very reasonable price,” said Vice-President of Athens Creek Towers, Lawrence Godby.  “Together, all of these efforts have substantially reduced the amount of inappropriate materials being deposited in our recycling bin.”

Similar signage and other educational materials are available for other multifamily properties looking to make a positive impact on the packaging sent for recycling. For more information on the recycle education program, please email, or call 250-490-2500.

recycling sign

recycling sign


David Kassian Philip Cooper

Community Sustainability Coordinator

City of Penticton


Philip Cooper

Communication Manager

City of Penticton