City of Penticton activates EOC to prepare for rising lake levels

News Release

Residents are advised that the City of Penticton has activated its Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) as a proactive measure in response to rising levels on Okanagan Lake.  

While the lake levels are still within the normal range expected for this time of year, there is some uncertainty as to how high the lake will rise given the expected precipitation in the forecast.  “We have activated the EOC so that we can access resources and coordinate efforts,” said the City’s Emergency Operations Centre Director Anthony Haddad. “Recognizing that this will be a slow moving event, we have plenty of time to prepare for any protective measures, should they be required over the next few weeks.”  

The City will start to source gabion bins and beach-ready sand to use to protect the Okanagan Lakeshore if required. Residents on low-lying properties along the Okanagan Lakeshore who are concerned about flooding will have access to bags and sand at Fire Hall #2 at 285 Dawson Avenue beginning tomorrow. 

The City will also take steps to mitigate the potential of any localized flooding around the Penticton Yacht Club, which has occurred in the past as the lake approaches the current levels. Residents can expect to see crews sandbagging around the area over the next few days. 

More information about the City’s response to the risk of flooding is available at www.


JoAnne Kleb
Emergency Information Officer
City of Penticton