City tests new website – public feedback sought

News Release

The City of Penticton is seeking the public’s input on its new website during a test launch running March 10 through March 20.

Residents, businesses, visitors and organizations that rely on information contained on the current version of are encouraged to checkout the new site by visiting to access the test site and complete a survey.

“Our website forms a key pillar in the City’s communication efforts, so after ten years of service, the current website is being replaced by something new,” said City Webmaster, Milena Marshall.  “Whether accessed by desktop or mobile device, the new website gives users a huge boost in terms of content and the presentation of that content.”

Following an analysis of the current website’s status and usage in the summer of 2018, work on the new website began in 2019 with major development ending in January, 2020.  In conjunction with the new site, a supporting mobile app has also been developed to provide users with a range of features, alerts and reporting functions.

“Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think by navigating through some of the pages and links,” said City Communication Manager, Philip Cooper.

The current opportunity to provide feedback marks the second occasion the City has sought public input on its website.  Feedback was also gathered in September 2018, prior to the project commencing.  After the test launch concludes and feedback is reviewed, the City intends to officially launch the new version of this April.


Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton