City wants residents to show how Penticton can be more age-friendly

News Release

The City of Penticton is calling on its citizens to tell us how our community can be more accessible and inclusive for people of all ages, including older adults. As part of an Age-Friendly initiative launching today, the City is seeking photographs from students, adults and businesses that help tell the story of how Penticton can be friendlier for residents as they age.

Penticton is taking steps to become recognized by the Province of B.C. as an age-friendly community. This is defined as a place where older adults can live active, socially engaged and independent lives. As part of this process, the City has launched a public photography assignment to collect ideas that may be included in its Age-Friendly Action Plan.

“We want to invite all citizens, both young and old, to have some fun with this project as you explore your neighbourhood and tell us how our community can be even more friendly for all ages,” said Social Development Specialist Adam Goodwin. “We’re looking forward to hearing your suggestions and seeing your photographs about what an age-friendly community means to you.” 

The City is calling on the public to take photographs that show examples of how Penticton is supportive for older adults – and what can be improved. The City is also working with School District 67 and a special advisory group on separate projects that also involve taking photographs to help tell the story about what “age-friendly” means to them.

“We may understand what age friendly means personally, but what does it mean for a whole community?  This initiative can answer that question so I encourage everyone to get involved by contributing a photo,” said Penticton Mayor, John Vassilaki.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an age-friendly community meets these eight key factors.

  • Outdoor spaces and public buildings are pleasant, clean, secure and physically accessible.
  • Public transportation is accessible and affordable.
  • Housing is affordable, appropriately located, well built, well designed/accessible and secure. 
  • Opportunities exist for social participation in activities for people of all ages and cultures.
  • Older adults are treated with respect and are included in civic life.
  • There are opportunities for employment and volunteering.
  • Age-friendly information and communication is available.
  • Community support and health services are tailored to an older adult's needs.

Participants are asked to consider the WHO’s eight key elements while taking photographs. Then post your ideas and pictures on the City’s engagement platform at before Nov. 5, 2020. Also visit that webpage for more information about the program, including a video and fact sheets. All updates will be posted to


Adam Goodwin
Social Development Specialist
City of Penticton

JoAnne Kleb
Public Engagement Program Manager
City of Penticton