Council Endorses Formation Of City Safety And Security Taskforce

News Release

With a mandate to assist Penticton City Council and the business community in creating a safe and secure City, a recently established Safety and Security Taskforce was endorsed by Council through the appointment of Mayor Vassilaki and Councillors Robinson and Kimberley.

Comprised of representatives from the Downtown Penticton Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial Association, BC Housing, the Community Action Support Table, a community member, City Bylaw, the RCMP, the City’s Chief Administration Officer and three Council members, the taskforce has reviewed (and will continue to review) the following priorities:

  • New bylaws to support enforcement
  • The bylaw enforcement model for bylaw officers
  • Targeting inappropriate behaviour (not people) involving open alcohol, drug use and loitering
  • Environmental design, including lighting, downtown configuration and a clean community
  • Vandalism management and security of City facilities and public washrooms
  • The See Something, Say Something campaign
  • Video surveillance of problem areas and private security
  • Safe injection sites
  • RCMP priorities
  • Interface with the Community Action Support Table

“The origin of this taskforce started with steps taken last summer when a variety of groups came together at City Hall to action solutions against crime and inappropriate behaviour facing our downtown,” said Penticton Mayor, John Vassilaki. “The taskforce’s priorities are supported by Council. We’re confident this group has a clear and collaborative mandate to tackle safety and security as we head into 2019. Their membership includes the key organizations and agencies needed to address the challenging safety and security issues our residents and businesses have strongly stated are no longer tolerable.”


Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton