Council Highlights

Service Announcement

A brief and informal summary of the latest decisions made by Penticton City Council. 

Council approves Food Security Strategy
With City Council’s approval, the Food Security Strategy moves from the planning to implementation stage. The City, through partnerships, will begin implementation of the 18 strategies identified in the plan to lead the community to a more food secure future. 

Some of the key strategies included in the plan are:

  • Improve access to charitable food programs for those who need it
  • Improve physical access to fresh food, possibly through a ‘healthy corner store’ program
  • Work together with local First Nations and Indigenous organizations
  • Support the maintenance and creation of community gardens
  • Strengthen urban agriculture guidance and regulation

Highlighting Penticton’s heritage
Phase two of the Heritage Awareness Program will see the installation of heritage plaques throughout the city. 

There are 55 properties listed on the heritage register but not all buildings are suitable and some property owners may choose not to participate. In total, the project will likely see about 40 plaques installed.

Phase one of the project included the curation and hosting of a museum exhibit featuring Penticton’s heritage properties. This exhibit is currently on display and will run for several more months.

Ellis apartment, indoor baseball field head to public hearing
A proposed three-story 16-unit apartment building on Ellis Street will go to public hearing on September 6. The applicants are seeking an amendment to the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw which would see the land designation be changed from Ground Oriented Residential to Urban Residential.  

Council also agreed to send a proposal which would see the construction of an indoor baseball facility on Dartmouth Road to public hearing. The 7,000 sq foot space is currently designated General Industrial and the applicant is asking for site-specific zoning to allow an indoor amusement, entertainment and recreation facility, in addition to other industrial uses.

Council green lights 26 unit building
A proposal to construct a six-storey, 26-unit apartment building has been granted a development permit from City Council.

The subject property is located at 970 Dynes Avenue, between Sydney Street and Alberni Street. The property was previously four legal lots until they were consolidated in 2019 to facilitate a previously proposed development. However, the development was never built and the owner has amended the plans to now propose an apartment style development.

Road closures confirmed
City council finalized the closure of parts of two roads: Nanaimo Ave E between the left and right banks of Penticton Creek and Kinney Ave between South Main St and Skaha Lake Rd. 

The Nanaimo Ave closure is in effect now and the Kinney Ave closure will come into effect later this year.

Two projects move on after public hearings, one back to drawing board
Council moved two projects – 747 & 755 Revelstoke and 561 Jermyn Avenue – after public hearings.

The Revelstoke proposal is to construct one two-storey, back-to-back duplex on each subject property and on the Jermyn proposals is a four unit, three-storey townhouse on the subject property. 

Council did not advance a project for 770 Argyle, instead directing staff to work with the proponent to address the comments made at the Public Hearing.

Next year's council meeting schedule set

Council meetings for 2023 have been set, giving prospective candidates for the October 15th muncipal election of what the year ahead will look like.

Meetings will be held January 17; February 7; March 7 and 21; April 4 and 18; May 2 and 16; June 6 and20; July 18; August 1, 15; September 12; October 3 and 17; November 7 and 21; and December 5 and19

These highlights are intended to provide a brief summary of recent Council proceedings.  The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items.  For a detailed account of the full agenda, including staff reports, other supporting documents and official meeting minutes, please consult the City’s website ( or call the City’s Corporate Administration Department at 250-490-2400.