Council to view the draft plan to restore Ellis Creek

News Release

Council will get their first view of the draft plan to restore Ellis Creek at their meeting on October 15. The plan lays out the work that needs to be done to restore the natural flow of the creek, improve fish habitat and reduce the flood hazard for properties along its banks. The City began working on the plan for Ellis Creek in the fall of 2018 following the completion of the plan for Penticton Creek in 2017.

“Our creeks are natural assets and play a vital role for flood protection as well as providing habitat for fish and recreation for residents,” says General Manager Infrastructure Mitch Moroziuk. “Erosion from recent floods have caused boulders and sand to accumulate in different areas along Ellis Creek increasing the flood hazard. This plan looks at how the material can be redistributed and the banks can be stabilized to restore the natural flow.”

The section of Ellis Creek included in the Master Plan stretches over five kilometers from the Diversion Dam down to the Okanagan River Channel. It passes through the industrial area and next to the Penticton Regional Hospital and Carmi Elementary School. It also flows by nine vehicle bridges, two pedestrian bridges, 325 buried utility crossings and 40 properties that have to be considered in the plan to compete the work. “We’ve completed the technical analysis and now want to review our findings and the path forward with the residents and businesses that may be affected by the plan,” says Moroziuk. 

Residents are invited to drop by the City’s booth at the Farmers’ Market on October 19 between 9 am and 12 pm or the lobby in the Community Centre on October 21 from 3 pm to 7 pm to discuss the plan with staff. Staff are also meeting with representatives of the Penticton Industrial Development Association to understand what the draft plan could mean for its members. Information about the engagement activities and a copy of the draft plan are now available on Staff will collect feedback until November 1 with a goal of providing the final plan to Council for a decision in early December.


Mitch Moroziuk
General Manager, Infrastructure
City of Penticton

JoAnne Kleb
Engagement Strategist
City of Penticton