Halloween 2020 Safety Recommendations

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Every Halloween children and their parents need to take steps to ensure safety is top of mind, and with COVID-19 remaining a cause of considerable concern this year, thinking about safety during Halloween is more important than ever.

Earlier this month the BC Centre for Disease and Control released guidelines for Halloween during the pandemic.

Safe practices for this year’s event include:

For kids:

  • Skipping Halloween parties,
  • Trick or treating in small groups,
  • Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering with your costume,
  • Washing your hands 
  • And staying home if you’re sick or self-isolating.

For homeowners:

  • Use tongs or a baking sheet when handing out candy, 
  • Handing out individual treats instead of offering a shared bowl,  
  • Wearing a non-medical mask that covers your nose and mouth, 
  • And turning off your porch light if you are sick or self-isolating.

Other ways to ensure you and your kids stay safe this Halloween include:

  • Check your candy at home to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with
  • Drivers should be aware and extra cautious of children on the roads at night
  • If you use fireworks or have a bonfire, do it safely: don’t light fireworks from your hands and make sure they are a safe distance from any properties or grassy fields
  • Dress children in bright clothing for visibility

Following these practices will make for a safe Halloween, but ultimately the decision to participate in Halloween events falls to parents who should continue to look for updates from our Provincial Health Officer as Oct. 31 draws closer.