Joint Council statement


On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, Penticton Indian Band Council met with City of Penticton Council to discuss a number of issues of mutual interest. This was the first meeting in over a year due to COVID and both Councils look forward to building on past relationships and creating new ones. 

Topics discussed included the introduction of a land acknowledgement at Penticton City Council meetings, servicing agreements, possibilities for transit expansion, river channel maintenance and creek restoration and naturalization.  The City and Band have committed to quarterly meetings to move these and other joint initiatives forward positively into the future.

“I believe that our first initial meeting was very productive and went very well. Introductory discussions carried out have provided both Councils a brief insight on a number of issues of common concern,” said Penticton Indian Band Chief, Greg Gabriel.  “It was acknowledged that there will always be issues or challenges but as neighbours we will work together in a positive and respectful way towards a long-term and strong relationship. We look forward to future meetings.”

“We can always do more together than we could ever do alone,” said Penticton Mayor, John Vassilaki.  “City Council looks forward to having regular meetings and building relationships with our neighbours.  Coming together regularly benefits not only the relationship between both our Councils, it also benefits the people of both our communities by focusing our attention on the joint opportunities and challenges we share in common.”