Lake-to-Lake Bike Route gears up for final leg of section 2 construction

Service Announcement

Construction work involving section 2 of the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route is now gearing up for the final leg of this project, set to be completed by the end of October. 

Major roadwork along Atkinson Street is now largely complete, including infrastructure upgrades to improve storm water management, as well as paving, sidewalks and ramps. Final touches will include electrical work to improve the lighting, pedestrian crossings and intersection signalization, as well as installing signage, barriers and completing line painting. 

Paving will be taking place along Atkinson Street and Kinney Avenue this week, followed by street light installation. 

Work is now focused on the stretch of Duncan Avenue between Fairview Road and Main Street. The eastbound lane of Duncan Avenue remains closed to traffic while installing new storm infrastructure, street lighting, traffic signals, conducting paving work and adding new barriers. Traffic control people are on-site to assist pedestrians and vehicles through the work zone. 

The Atkinson Street Bridge also remains closed at this time for completion of road construction and traffic safety management.

Residents will be alerted in advance when line painting is set to begin, which will be conducted at night to minimize traffic issues.

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