Potential tree failure due to early snow fall

Service Announcement

UPDATE 3:30pm: Due to tree failure, Public Work staff have closed the following areas public safety.

  • Penticton Creek pathway
  • Lakawanna & Dunant Playgrounds (will reopen when safe to do so)
  • Lakeview Cemetery 

Utilize our Report an Issue online portal to help alert staff of damage trees or other safety incidents.

With early winter weather, the likelihood of tree failure is high during the current storm event.

When venturing out and enjoying our pathways and trails, please stay away from trees that have a large amount of snow on them. A normal season would see trees dropping their leaves prior to a snow fall, but with a majority of trees still attaining leaves, the volume and weight of snow is greater on the trees branches and increase the breaking point.

Our Public Works department will be barricading trees that show a higher risk of breaking in order to ensure the safety of the public.

Please contact our Public Works department by either emailing publicworks@penticton.ca or calling 250-490-2500 to alert staff of tree failure or breakage.