‘Protected bike lanes’ to be added to City snow and ice control policy

Service Announcement

This year’s upcoming winter season will see protected bike lanes added to the City’s inventory of road and sidewalk infrastructure included under the Snow and Ice Control Policy.

In Penticton, protected bike lanes currently include only two sets of lanes - the completed sections of the Lake-to-Lake bike lane, extending from the intersection at Lakeshore Drive and Martin Street to the intersection at Fairview Road and Duncan Avenue, as well as a short section lane along Eckhardt Avenue, between Main Street and Winnipeg Street.

Similar to roads, laneways and sidewalks, the clearing of snow and ice from protected bike lanes will occur in accordance with the City’s snowfall triggers, priority classification and minimum operating width.  For protected bike lanes this entails:

  • a maximum accumulation of 5cm of snow and slush;
  • priority two response, and
  • a 1.5 meter clearing width.

The City has budgeted $17,800 to pay for the cost of clearing snow from both sets of protected bike lanes.   The complete Snow and Ice control Policy for winter 2021/2022 will be presented to Council during its upcoming Regular Meeting, scheduled for October 19, 2021.


Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton