Snow forecast - roads to be cleared by priority

Service Announcement

With Environment Canada forecasting the first seasonal snowfall for Penticton on the evening of October 22 and morning of October 23, residents and motorists are reminded of the following road clearing priorities, with Priority One roads receiving service first, followed by Priority Two and Priority Three

Priority 1 Roads:

  • Major collectors: main routes serving as connectors/collectors between areas and routes
  • Steep grades: hilly terrain with high traffic volumes
  • School zones: serving as routes to access school
  • Roads serving emergency routes to hospitals and fire equipment
  • Major transit routes: serving the majority of transit users

Priority 2 Roads:

  • Collectors (remainder of)
  • Main industrial routes
  • Minor transit routes

Priority 3 Roads:

  • The remainder of the routes in the City, typically local roads.

Please note: it can take the City approximately 48 hours to reach residential streets and cul-de-sacs from the time it stops snowing. If snow falls again within that time, crews must return to streets with higher priority first.