Vision emerging for North Gateway

News Release

Council received an update on the North Gateway Redevelopment & Investment Strategy at their meeting on June 15, 2021. Anthony Haddad, General Manager of Community Services, provided a summary of the results of the first round of engagement and introduced the vision that is emerging for the area.

“Over the past few months, we have been working with landowners, businesses, community groups and residents to understand the opportunities in the area,” says Haddad. “Through these conversations, we are starting to see a vision emerge for the North Gateway as a welcoming and attractive neighbourhood that supports increased variety of residential densities, tourist accommodation and commercial activity and builds on the economic drivers and entertainment hubs in the SOEC and the PTCC.”

The first phase of engagement also helped staff understand some of the challenges in the area with transportation and mobility being one of the more significant issues. In the next phase of the project, the City will complete a Transportation Analysis to look at the existing road network, future densities and alternative design concepts for road infrastructure.  A Real Estate Demand Analysis will also be completed to determine the right mix and diversity of housing, tourist accommodations and commercial uses. 

Once these studies are prepared, the City will host a design charrette this fall to develop concepts for the area based on the technical analysis and public input. Residents, landowners, stakeholder groups and City staff will participate in the weeklong design activity. The results of the charrette will be reviewed with the broader community for feedback in order to prepare a draft of the plan.

“Council is encouraged by the direction of this work and the potential for this strategy to increase the economic vitality of our community and address some of our housing needs,” says Mayor John Vassilaki.

Results of the engagement activities and project documents are available at Anyone interested in this work and future opportunities to get involved is invited to register with 


Anthony Haddad
General Manager of Community Services
City of Penticton

JoAnne Kleb
Public Engagement Program Manager
City of Penticton