The Penticton Museum is proud to offer a variety of programs seasonally and year-round! If you would like to participate in any of the following programs, please call 250-490-2454 for availability, and up-to-date information.

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Artifact Packs (School, groups, and families)

Educational Programs (Schools and groups)


Special Programs

Adult and Family Programs

Artifact Packs

Perfect for classes that can't make it out to the Museum in person, Artifact Packs are a full program in a box complete with touchable artifacts, interpretation, activities, and resources for the teacher. There are two ways to use the kits: Sign it out for $15 for up to a week at a time (you can renew if you need more time, provided it has not been booked by other educators!), OR you can have a Museum staff person bring the kit to your classroom to present the materials and introduce the kit for $2 per student. Book now by calling 250-490-2454.

"Writing On the Wall" - Chinese Immigration in BC

From the Royal BC Museum, Penticton is very lucky to host this incredibly rich and detailed kit that explores the life of the Chinese immigrants that came to BC through graffitti and historical primary documents. Utilizing the "Big Six" approach to learning, the kit and online resources help students explore the archival materials, artifacts, and activities. The result is an experiential journey of extracting information from primary sources and incorporating that into the student's knowledge base. Follow this link  for more information.


Penticton Pioneers

This original Artifact pack was developed specifically to highlight the challenges and opportunities that faced European settlers that came to this area. It covers the local history from first contact with the Okanagan First Nations, right through to Tom Ellis and the settlement of Penticton, and continues on to the First World War. It contains artifacts that illustrate the life of pioneers and invites critical thinking through artifact exploration. The pack includes photos of early Penticton, a copy of Tom Ellis's actual diary from 1865, worksheets, classroom and small group activities, and suggested reading and resources.



Having a Voice: Voting in British Columbia

Having a Voice encourages participants to use their inquiry skills to investigate participation and representation in BC politics, the electoral process and electoral boundaries. The kit, designed by the Royal BC Museum and Elections BC, fits the Grade 5 Social Studies: Canadian Issues and Governance curriculum. For more information follow this link.


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Educational Programs

In-Museum: The Penticton Museum & Archives has many program opportunities to help you meet the objectives of the new curriculum. We have programming in the museum which covers local topics such as:

People History Natural History Science
S’yilx on the Land Okanagan Plants and Animals The Solar System
Fur Traders in the Okanagan Animal Adaptations The Science of Bubbles
Penticton Settlers Animal Tracking  
Penticton’s Early Transportation Natural Selection (Grade 10 +)  
Stick Stone Antler Bone    

These programs are developed and delivered by our educator, Chandra Wong, a trained science and math teacher with a background in art. She uses hands-on and place-based learning that your students will enjoy.

Most programs listed are suitable for grades K-12 and are about one hour long. Each program can be adapted for length or ability of the group. Contact Chandra with any questions or program ideas you might have.

We will continue our SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL rate of $25 per in-museum program. Book early. Programs are delivered on Wednesdays through Fridays. 10 student minimum, 30 student maximum.


The S.T.E.A.M. Lab

In-Museum or In your class: Explore science and technology principles with hands-on activities in the Museum or in your class. Cost: $40 per program. Length: 1.5-2 hours. Minimum 10 students. Maximum 30 students. Available Wednesdays through Fridays.

Forces: Students learn about forces that makethings move (push, pull, gravity, friction) through hands-on activities, like making paper airplanes or marble tracks.

Chemistry: Students learn about phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas) or acids and bases through hands-

on actvities using everyday chemicals found in a kitchen.

Engineering: Students learn about the principles of engineering design through hands-on designing with Keva blocks.

Energy: Students learn about different forms of energy, and how energy is transformed. Students are challenged to make a toy car move using at least one form of energy.

Hydraulics: Students learn about how hydraulics work to make our  lives easier. Students are challenged to create a hydraulic machine using the Museum's hydraulic kits that include syringes, vinyl tubing and water.

Geology: Students learn about the rock cycle and local geology, including the Okanagan Valley fault. Students are challenged to build an earthquake-resistant building, and
test it on the Museum's Earthquake


Outdoor Programs

Visit and explore local ecosystems with a trained biologist. Students will learn about Okanagan plants and animals.
Cost: $52.50 per program. Length: 2 hours. Minimum 10 students. Maximum 30 students. Available Wednesdays through Fridays.



Our programs require a minimum of 10 people. Smaller groups will be charged the cost of a regular program. Please discuss museum behavioural expectations (calm bodies, low voices, etc.) with your students prior to your visit. Please provide students with name tags to assist with class management.

Bookings are limited, so please register early. Please book at least two weeks in advance by phone (250-490-2454) or email. Programs are available Wednesday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. 

Check out our PDF [PDF - 1.9 MB] for more detailed information on school programs.

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Self-Guided Tour (by donation) - Check out the museum at your own leisure anytime, Tues-Sat 10am-5pm. While there is minimal charge for self-guided visits, the Museum must schedule them so there is no conflict with our other programming. Please call 250-490-2454 or email for more information.
Check out our exhibits page to see what's new!

Guided Museum Tour - Have an experienced staff member or volunteer show you around the permanent gallery and tell you the stories behind the artifacts. Ask lots of questions! Suitable for groups of up to 10 people due to space considerations. Cost is $3 per person, please book at least 3 days in advance! 250-490-2454 or email

Guided Behind the Scenes Museum Tour - Have an experienced staff member show you the behind the scenes activities in the Museum & Archives' collections. What does it take to take care and preserve objects and documents of the past for generations of the future. Suitable for groups of up to about 25 people. Cost is $3 per person, please book at least 3 days in advance! 250-490-2454 or email.

Adult and Family Programs

*Seasonal Program - call 250-490-2454 or email for information

NEW! Playtime at the Museum (Family)

Toddlers explore their world through play. Learn how children learn as you and your toddler play together at the Museum. All sessions include hands-on activities for toddlers using Montessori and Reggio learning philosophies as a guide. Recommended ages 2-5 years. Drop-in. No registration required.

Penticton Museum in the Hands-on Heritage Lab
Second Thursday of the month, September to April, inclusive, 10:00-11:00 am
Suggested donation $2 per child. Drop-in. No registration required.


Saturday Mornings at the Museum (Family)

Bring your family down to the Museum to join us for a fun-filled hour exploring a mix of topics on local history, science, and the natural world. All activities include hands-on activities for children 5-8 years old with parental supervision. Please be advised that while older and younger siblings are welcome, not all activities may be suitable for them. Suggested donation $2 per child. 






Sept. 21 Science   Jan. 18 Natural

Oct. 19

   Feb. 15  History
Nov. 16 History    Mar. 14*  Science
Dec. 7*



   Apr. 18 Natural

 * Please note: Saturday Mornings at the Museum take place on the third Saturday of the month, except during December and March.

S.T.E.A.M. Powered Series (Tweens)

Get revved up about science with the S.T.E.A.M. Powered Series! A joint Museum/Library series of programs running from September to April. Intended to inspire tweens to explore different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. This after-school program takes place on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Ages: 8-12 years.

After school on the fourth Wednesday of the month, September to April inclusive.
Details to be posted with each session on the Penticton Library website.
Register online ( or come into the library for assistance with online registration.
Cost: Free


Brown Bag Lecture (Adult)

The Brown Bag Lecture Series is held every Tuesday at lunchtime (noon to 1pm) from September to April. Each week a guest lecturer speaks about a subject in their area of expertise. Topics range from local history to history, travel, culture, and natural history. Everyone is welcome to bring their lunches with them, and coffee, tea, and confections are provided. Admission is by recommended donation of $2 per adult and $1 for children. 

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 Our current presenters for the Spring 2020 Season are as follows:

Date Speaker Topic/Title
Jan. 7



Your life IS improv!

Jan. 14



The Warsaw Uprising

of 1944 - Part 2

Jan. 21

Anita Large

Pow Wow Dancing

Jan. 28



Construction of

Arctic Airfields

Feb. 4

Colt Cash &

fellow Toastmasters

The History of Penticton


Feb. 11

Sax Among Friends


Don Wade,

Yanti Rowland &

Mel Zachary

Music that Got Us

through World War II

Feb. 18

Lisa Scott &

Nicholas Burdock

The White Lake Basin

Feb. 25



Never without Love

March 3

Paul Crawford

Bob Ross:

The Joy of Painting

March 10



The Penticton & District

Community Arts Council

March 17

Fern Gibberd

Lois Morgenstern

March 24

Jon Bartlett &

Rika Ruebsaat

A Portrait of the

Depression in Canada

 March 31

 Karen Collins

 History of 

Okanagan Falls