Community Policing Programs

"We will work to keep Penticton a safe and healthy community for all."

To assist us in meeting the mandate above, we manage a number of programs, some of which are listed below. Should you have a question about a current program, or a suggestion regarding a new program please visit us at 185 Lakeshore Drive, contact us at 250-492-4300.



'Citizens on Patrol' is a dedicated group of RCMP volunteers that contribute to community safety by observing and reporting suspicious or criminal activity. The volunteers participate in patrols throughout the City of Penticton and neighbouring areas to provide an additional presence to deter crime, and extra “eyes and ears” for observation throughout the community. The volunteers serve to complement the local RCMP, and assist the police as requested.


Community Safety Ambassadors: Foot and Bike Patrol assist with education and crime prevention within the community of Penticton. The efforts of the volunteers provide a Community Policing presence in the downtown area to help residents and visitors feel safe, while ensuring that any observed suspicious and criminal activity is reported to the RCMP. Volunteers of the program work closely and interact regularly with the public, being on foot or bicycle throughout their shifts.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a crime prevention strategy whereby the proper design and effective use, maintenance and management of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime and an improvement in the quality of life. Community Policing has two members on staff that have completed Level One of CPTED and are available to complete assessments for residents or businesses within the City of Penticton and surrounding area. A CPTED assessment will walk through recommendations for property owners to deter crime by reducing opportunities for crime, a process known as target hardening. For more information, or to inquire about an assessment, call 250-490-2374.


Crime Stoppers provides a way to leave a tip about a crime, suspicious activity or person, anonymously. The community program run by volunteers partners with police and media to assist in the reduction of crime. Tips can be provided by calling the Crime Stoppers Tips Line at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), sending a text message to 274637 with the message SOSTIPS, or online. Crime Stoppers allows individuals to remain anonymous. If a tip leads to an arrest charges, the recovery of stolen property or illegal drugs, the individual submitting the tip may qualify for a cash reward of up to $2000. For more information about the program, visit the Crime Stoppers or for non-tip contact, call 250-490-2374 or email


Lock Out Auto Crime provides awareness of auto theft at different locations throughout the community. The volunteers aim to reduce crime by educating the public on how auto crime can be prevented by eliminating or minimizing the opportunity for the crime to happen. By distributing Crime Prevention Notices on the windshields of vehicles and interacting with the public, the volunteers work to provide education on making a vehicle a less desirable target for criminals.


South Okanagan Similkameen Restorative Justice Program provides an opportunity for community healing while addressing a criminal act. It puts the emphasis on the harm caused to both individuals and communities by recognizing that crime is both a violation of relationships between specific people and an offence against everyone – the community. Restorative Justice requires wrongdoers to recognize the harm that they have caused, to accept responsibility for their actions and to be actively involved in improving the situation. The Restorative Justice process is guided by volunteer facilitators, who work assist the persons harmed and persons causing harm through from the date of referral to the date the agreement is reached at the Restorative Justice Conference. For more information about the program, call 250-490-2372.


Speed Watch is an educational program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding around the City of Penticton and neighbouring areas. The program is conducted in partnership with ICBC, the RCMP, and a group of devoted volunteers. Using portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board, volunteers monitor speeds in neighbourhoods throughout the community. The program raises public awareness of the actual speeds drivers are travelling, as drivers get an instant readout of their speed, displayed on the reader board as they pass by. Drivers observed exceeding the speed may be subject to further police follow-up.


Theft Prevention initiatives encourage members of the community to record key information about their possessions, from brand and model, to colour and year, and, most importantly the serial number if available. Community Policing encourages the community to keep track of the information about possessions in organized manner and maintain the documents in a safe and secure location. The ‘Lock it & Log it. Or Lose it.’ initiative materials provide assistance in gathering the information, and a form to log information about your possession that can be found here.  For other ways to keep track of possessions, Community Policing encourages the community to find solutions appropriate to their needs: individuals more inclined to maintaining their records on a computer may choose to create their own spreadsheet, or bicycle owners may want to consider using a program such as Project 529.


Victim Services is an extension of police services that provides emotional support and practical assistance to people who have been affected by crime or trauma. Staff and volunteers of victim services usually provide support at the RCMP detachment or the courthouse but may also provide support at crime scenes, hospitals, residences or places of business at the request of the police. Victim services also provides court information and support to victims and witnesses of crime. For more information, call 250-770-4713.