Business Resources

Penticton is a social community with robust networking and business groups. Here are some resources to help you reach your business goals.

Penticton's Economic Development Office

The Economic Development Office is based in Penticton City Hall and provides information, research, intelligence and support to businesses with a specific focus on recruitment and retention. Contact our Economic Development Office for information about incentives for business, opportunities available and more. 

Start Your Business

Here are some resources to help you get started with the initial steps to opening a new business.

Hire and Get Hired

Organizations that can Help You Succeed

Get Connected

Continuing Education and Skills Training

Plan Your Event

Industry Groups

Export Resources

Penticton’s Economic Development department is here to help! We invite you to come and speak with us, or drop us a line, to ask any questions – and we’ll help you get ready to export. 


Remote Workers

We have a growing community of virtual workers, or telecommuters, living and working in Penticton. Visit our Remote Workers page for information.