Community gets first look at Council’s Priorities

News Release

The four priorities that will lay the foundation for the City of Penticton over the next few years will be presented on Tuesday.

“These are the priorities that council has said that they want to underpin all of the municipality’s planning as we move forward,” says Cheryl Hardisty, manager of council and executive operations for the City of Penticton. “If approved, they will provide clear direction for staff when developing initiatives  and budgets and allow us to monitor the progress as we move forward. These areas of focus  are designed to reflect what City Council has heard from the community.” Key initiatives in support of these goals will be identified in the Financial & Corporate Business Plans and will be updated each year. 

The four priorities identified are:

  • Safe and Resilient: Enhance and protect the safety of all residents and visitors to Penticton
  • Livable and Accessible: Proactively plan for deliberate growth; focused on an inclusive, healthy, safe and desirable place to live
  • Vibrant and Connected Communities: Support vibrant and diverse activities creating opportunities for connection in community
  • Organizational Excellence:  Supporting a culture of service excellence built on good governance, leadership and sound financial decisions

These priorities have been drafted based on working sessions with City Council, where a number of key strategic areas were identified and a goal statement was created for each.