Council approves foundation for next four years

News Release

The four strategic priorities that will guide City of Penticton decisions for the next four years have been approved.

“As a council, we have listened to what residents have told us should be the focus as we work together to build a stronger, even more vibrant Penticton,” says Mayor Julius Bloomfield. “These priorities will shape and inform our decisions as council and provide a blueprint for staff when developing budgets and projects. Having a rigorous focus on the key issues, will allow us to deliver on the faith put into us by voters and enhance what makes our community so special.”

The four priorities identified are:

  • Safe and Resilient: Enhance and protect the safety of all residents and visitors to Penticton
  • Livable and Accessible: Proactively plan for deliberate growth; focused on an inclusive, healthy, safe and desirable place to live
  • Vibrant and Connected Communities: Support vibrant and diverse activities creating opportunities for connection in community
  • Organizational Excellence:  Supporting a culture of service excellence around governance, leadership and sound financial decisions

The mayor notes that beneath the four priorities are clear objectives for the City to meet to ensure the report accomplishes its goals. “We don’t want this document gathering dust on a shelf,” says Bloomfield. “Setting the agenda is step one and that needs to be followed by action. The objectives give us as council, staff and the public clear measurables to ensure we’re moving forward.”

The Strategic Priorities document can be found at Residents will have an opportunity to discuss these priorities with council at the Council Open House planned for March 9, 2023 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre.