Extra recycling collections added during the holidays

Service Announcement

With the holidays fast approaching, those empty cardboard boxes, wrapping paper scraps and food packages may be adding up. To accommodate extra recycling generated over the holidays, the City will be adding an extra week of recycle collection. 

Starting Monday, Dec. 12, and running until Friday, Dec. 30, residents can put both their garbage and recycling carts at the curb by 7 a.m. on their regularly scheduled collection day.

This year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on weekends, so there are no changes to the collection schedule.

If you have extra garbage or recycling that will not fit in the designated cart, you can purchase tag-a-bag stickers from City Hall, City Yards or the Community Centre. Placing one tag-a-bag sticker on one extra bag of material will ensure that it is collected.

Perhaps you’re wondering what can – and can’t – be added to your blue recycling carts?

Many paper and cardboard items can be added to your curbside collection, including greeting cards, paper gift bags and wrapping paper. Also, plastic packaging for toys can be added to the cart after separating the plastic from the paper backing. 

However, be aware that products such as toys, electronics, Christmas lights, ribbons and bows and foil wrap cannot go into the residential recycling cart. Rather, many of these items can be dropped off at a recycling depot. 

If you’re not sure where it goes, try entering the name of your item into the online Recycling Wizard tool, available at penticton.ca/recycling