Penticton residents will get hydro credit

News Release

Customers of the City of Penticton utility will benefit by receiving a provincial cost-of-living credit that was announced today.

“This is positive news for our residents, as well as residents of other communities not served directly by BC Hydro, as they will receive equal access to the hydro bill credit announced today,” says Penticton’s chief administrative officer Donny van Dyk. “We’ve consistently communicated our concerns to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation that all electrical customers need to be treated equally and appreciate those concerns were heeded and addressed, leaving all British Columbians who are struggling with the increased costs of electricity to get some needed assistance.”

Residential customers will receive a $100 credit, which is expected to be provided sometime in January. Non-residential customers will receive a pro-rated credit based on yearly usage, with the timing still yet to be determined.

The credit will impact 17,700 residential and 2,100 non-residential customers in Penticton. The City will receive more than $900,000 to allocate amongst non-residential customers, with the average credit anticipated to be around $440.

Penticton is one of five municipalities in the province that operate its own utility, along with Fortis. During the pandemic, the province provided an affordability rebate only to BC Hydro customers and that meant local residents didn’t qualify for the additional support. Council, at the time, wrote to the premier saying all electrical users should be treated in the same fashion.