Stay informed and be prepared in the event of a wildfire

Service Announcement

Properties within the boundaries of the City of Penticton are not currently under threat of a wildfire but with yesterday’s declaration of a provincial state of emergency, the City would like to take this opportunity to remind residents how to stay informed and be prepared in the event of a wildfire or emergency.

Stay informed

Once a wildfire threat within municipal boundaries is confirmed, the City will issue announcements, evacuation alerts and orders as required through the City’s website, social media accounts and local news media (radio, newspaper, internet and television) to inform the community. Please refer to the City's channels listed below for current information about the wildfire threat and follow the instructions provided if you would like to receive these notices directly:

Current information about the status of a wildfire may also be available from these sources:

All of the announcements, alerts and orders issued by the City will be stored centrally at along with information about other resources and supports relevant to the active emergency. The City may supplement these communications with additional activities such as news conferences and activating the Emergency Call Centre as the situation requires. 

Be Prepared

In addition to staying informed, the City also encourages residents to take steps now to be prepared for an emergency. Visit for tips including:

  • Make your household plan
  • Prepare your 72-hour emergency kit
  • Collect important documents
  • Create a list of key contacts
  • Plan for children, seniors and family members with special needs
  • Plan for your pets
  • Understand your insurance coverage
  • Reduce the wildfire risk 
  • What to do if you receive an evacuation order

In the event you are evacuated from your home, emergency support is provided by Emergency Support Services (ESS) for up to 72 hours. If eligible, you may receive support such as lodging, food, and clothing and other specialized services.  To receive these services during an evacuation, you need to register online when you are put on Evacuation Alert or Evacuation Order at Information about ESS can be found at