Start Here Penticton: HR Videos

Tune up your HR fundamentals

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Thanks to a series of easily digested videos, the City of Penticton has made it simple to shape up your human resources skills. Watch a few of them over a cup of coffee or at lunch.  Designed to provide businesses with key Human Resources fundamentals to support hiring, onboarding and to provide the foundations for successful employment relationships, the Toolkit Intro Video will explain how this series is laid out, so you can start here with this first video. After the intro, each five to seven minute video, hosted by Cori Maedel of the Jouta Performance Group, tackles a standalone HR topic, and this handy PDF guide is a map to the topics in subsequent videos, be sure to print a copy and follow along with videos about:

    • HR 101 

    • Recruitment and Orientation

    • Coaching and Mentoring

    • Personal Information

    • Agreement and Compensation

    • Performance Management

    • Attendance

    • Education, Other, Benefits

Find more tips, information, and local data -- Penticton's economic drivers, demographics, infrastructure, and more -- by visiting the Penticton Biz Toolkit. The City of Penticton also has a robust business hub online that covers everything from starting a business, to expanding your business, to frequently asked questions about licencing, economic development, and numerous community resources. Don't forget to follow Start Here Okanagan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.