Municipal Grants

You make a difference. Penticton's vision is to be a "vibrant, innovative, adventurous waterfront city focused on sustainability, community and economic opportunity." Municipal grants are a key part of supporting our community.

As per section 8 (2) of the Community Charter, a municipality "may provide any service that Council considers necessary or desirable, and may do this directly or through another public authority or another person or organization."  Financial assistance is available to non-profit organizations that render services to the residents of the City of Penticton, and which would be significantly impaired without such assistance.

Applying for a Municipal Grant

The process to apply for a municipal grant, as well as the qualification details, are outlined in the Municipal Grant Policy.

The 2020 main intake for grants is now closed. The mid-year grant request program is now available using the City’s grant software. Applications must be completed using the City’s grant software; to access the software, please click here. Instructions for use are available on the login page including a video tutorial.

If you received a grant in 2019, you are required to complete a reporting out form. Please review the Community Grants Policy above for more details. Reporting out forms are now to be completed inside the City’s grant software.