Holiday garbage and recycling collection

The City of Penticton is offering an additional week of recycling collection over the holiday season, December 24 to 28, 2018. There is often extra recycling during this time while people prepare meals and gifts, and the City would like to capture these extra materials. Only materials placed within your City-issued recycle cart will be collected.

If you have extra garbage or recycling that will not fit in the designated cart, you can purchase tag-a-bag stickers from City Hall, City Yards, or the Recreation Centre. Placing one tag-a-bag sticker on one extra bag of material will ensure that it is collected.

This year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Tuesday. If your collection day is Tuesday, then your pickup will occur on the previous Saturday. Collection on Tuesday, December 25th will instead occur on Saturday, December 22nd. Collection on Tuesday, January 1st will instead occur on December 29th.

“Feedback we have received from residents indicates that there is a need to have an additional week of recycling collection during the holiday season”, said Community Sustainability Coordinator, David Kassian. “We want to offer this service for Penticton residents receiving curbside recycling collection.”

When placing your recycling out for collection, remember to clean and rinse all containers. Containers with food residue remaining cannot be recycled and present a health hazard to workers who handle the material. Please also remember that if it is a product that has an electrical cord or that takes batteries, it cannot be placed in your recycle cart. 

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David Kassian                                                             Philip Cooper
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