Statement from Mayor Vassilaki

On behalf of Penticton City Council, I wish to express our sincere sympathy to each and every Penticton resident, neighbour, family or friend who has been impacted by the terrible events that unfolded and shocked our community yesterday.  This devastating and catastrophic news has shaken everyone who calls Penticton home or who regularly visits our beautiful community.

While these events cannot be predicted, we can take comfort in the knowledge that our trained and professional security personnel and resources are ready to respond, quickly and effectively.  On that note, I would like to acknowledge the action taken yesterday by Penticton’s first responders who, with minimal information available, arrived on scene to secure each site.  Likewise, I want to thank those Penticton residents who supported the RCMP by providing their cooperation or alerted others to the tragic events unfolding. 

Yesterday marked an unfortunate chapter in our community’s history but it also demonstrated our commitment to each other through acts of assistance and compassion in the aftermath of tragedy.  Let’s continue to support and care for one another as we move forward from the events of yesterday.


Mayor John Vassilaki​